Chula Vista Cooling and Heating

As an HVAC contractor serving Chula Vista faithfully, no one is better suited than Airmaxx to handle any and all needs you may have for installing and servicing your air conditioning and heating system. We like to think there isn’t anybody who takes care of you the way we do!

The accent at Airmaxx is on service and satisfaction, and that is what we show you at every step in the process. From the very first call you place to us, you can be assured that you are speaking with air conditioning professional. We work extensively with Carrier, a top-shelf company with only the best in the way of air conditioning equipment, and we have the ability to price the job just right for you. Don’t worry about all the so-called “add-ons” either; with Airmaxx you’ll know the cost of the job, from soup to nuts, so to speak, before we even start.